Enter Lineups on DraftKings Faster with our Chrome Extension

January 19, 2016

Screenshot of our DraftKings Lineup Filler Google chrome extension
A screenshot of DraftKings Lineup Filler in action, our daily fantasy sports Google Chrome extension available for free in the Chrome Web Store.


Even if you play fantasy sports regularly, and know your way around DraftKings' interface, entering a lineup can be time consuming especially if you're entering multiple lineups. Luckily for you, our free Chrome extension can solve this problem effectively cutting down the time to select all the players in your lineup. Now you can dedicate more time to research using our excellent suite of daily fantasy sports tools. Sign up using our free trial to get started.

How it works

After you copy and paste the names of every player in your lineup into the pop-up pictured above and click Fill My Lineup, our extension will automatically select all the players for you and insert them directly into your lineup as if you were doing it manually, but much much faster. Each player must be placed on a separate line as shown in the example below, and have the same name as it appears on DraftKings.

Peyton Manning
Ronnie Hillman
Ameer Abdullah
Demaryius Thomas
Golden Tate
James Jones
Travis Kelce
Joique Bell
Now a process that can take a couple of minutes or more can be accomplished in just seconds. Not to mention alleviate the blunder of selecting the wrong player by mistake -- costing yourself a winning lineup -- something nobody wants.

That's why our extension is perfect for daily fantasy sports players who create lineups in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers.

It works for all sport contests on DraftKings

Our extension can be used for all of DraftKings' sports. Whether you play fantasy golf, football, basketball, soccer, Nascar or even MMA, our extension has you covered.

How do I install?

  1. Go to our extension page located at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/draftkings-lineup-filler/opekpkkpcbgfpnificmdbgdgaibdomhk?hl=en-US&gl=US.
  2. Click ADD TO CHROME button.

That's it. Now, whenever you're on a DraftKings' lineup entry page, a black group icon will appear. Open our extension by clicking it.

DraftKings lineup filler icon
Clicking the black group icon highlighted in yellow will open our extension.